Joint February Sale


Unreserved Public Auction



How does internet bidding work during the live event?

An online user can place a bid on an item while it is up for sale. However, this bid is not automatically “accepted” by the system. The Auction Clerk will announce the internet bid and the auctioneer must accept it. When there are tie bids (onsite and online) the auctioneer determines which bid will be accepted.
For those who are attending the audience online, the Cat Auction Services online bidding system will be streamed so online bidders experience the auction as though they are right in the ring. Just as onsite bidders view the LEADERBOARD, online bidders will view equipment videos and photos, hear the auctioneer, see the current price, and will be able to bid right in line with the bidders onsite and other bidders online.
Note: we do not support Apple/iOS devices for seeing the giant LEADERBOARD and hearing the auctioneer online.

Does Cat Auction Services accept pre-bids?

Yes. Approved bidders may place a pre-bid on items. These bids are binding, but can be modified or cancelled before the auction. Pre-bids will be presented to the auctioneer on sale day as if they were placed in person. Note: pre-bid is different from the IronPlanet Priority Bid.

How is the pre-bid different from the IronPlanet Priority Bid?

This is different from the IronPlanet Priority Bid in the following ways:

  1. There is no precedence given to pre-bids. Pre-bids simply allow you to be represented on auction day when you cannot represent yourself.
  2. If you place a pre-bid on an item that becomes part of a choice group, your bid will be placed on the group. If you win and are online when the choice group closes, you will have the option to select your choice(s) from the group. If you win and are NOT online, the system will select for you the single lot on which your pre-bid was placed.
  3. If you are online and your pre-bid is outbid, you may continue to bid manually.

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