ICP Shipping

  • ICP will ship item free of charge from China to one of the following ports:
    • Port of Vancouver, Canada
    • Port of Seattle, WA
    • Port of Tacoma, WA
    • Port of Hueneme, CA
    • Port of Long Beach, CA
    • Port of Galveston, TX
    • Port of Savannah, GA
    • Port of Baltimore, MD
  • Buyer must contact IronPlanet to indicate port of choice prior to proceeding to Checkout.
  • Buyer is responsible for transportation arrangements and costs from ICP's designated location from or near port.
  • Item available for pickup within 30 to 60 days.
  • Item must be picked up within 8 business days of pickup notification, or the buyer will incur storage charges.
  • ICP will contact buyer with shipping and pickup information after full payment has been received.

Shipping Quotes

  • Once ICP has provided pickup location information, the buyer may request a quote by contacting any of our Transportation Partners.

Pickup Terms

Failure to follow these terms may result in the seller turning away the attempt to pick up the purchased item.

  • Buyer must follow pickup instructions provided by ICP.
  • Driver MUST bring a copy of the IronPlanet Item Release to pick the item up.